Strategy and Technology Consulting to Improve Mission and Business Effectiveness

How do government and business leaders keep pace with change while ensuring cost efficiency and overall effectiveness? Synthosys’s management consulting services help you achieve more with less in strategic alignment with your mission and objectives. Consider some of the service offerings we are able to provide your organization.

Synthosys provides experienced program and project-level resources to help you manage your projects.

Some representative program support tasks include:

  • Start up of new government programs or processes which may replace existing processes
  • Development of a group charter or group mission
  • Facilitation of consensus based decision making
  • Consultation or development of operational plans, and other related program tasks
  • Collaboration support of multi-federal agency or other cross functional teams
  • Input and guidance in the requirements gathering or design of a new product or set of processes
  • Marketing and Outreach – develop and create program support outreach materials
  • Staff training – delivers staff trained to support the new programs.
  • Facilitation of meetings and recruitment of staff or participants, events and other program specific facilitation support
Careful planning and strategic execution is required  to “stand up” a cross functional working group (or other newly formed team).  Capturing the mind set and commitment from participants who can contribute to a  team’s mission and charter is critical to success. Orchestrating the opportunities to find common ground and build on team dynamics to facilitate the reach of goals is an art form.

Synthosys provides world class resources to support your program or project efforts.

Tasks may include but not be limited to:

  • Facilitation of group sessions
  • Assistance, preparation for and initiation group session meetings
  • Assistance in recruitment of participants
  • Gather information/data in small or large group settings to assist in facilitation activities;
  • Prepares for group sessions;
  • Development of ongoing meeting agendas; invite and track attendee participation
  • Manage and resolve conflicts
  • Hold teleconferences and webinars;
  • Writes strategic documents/memos/policy related  materials to facilitate group charter;
  • Takes minutes for meetings and distributes minutes and notes to stakeholders;
  • Monitors and tracks group progress and milestones
With your input, Synthosys will design surveys, administer and track the progress of participation, analyze the results, create reports or a database of findings for management review and other tasks which may support the survey based data collection process.

Synthosys develops information  need framework to support the development of a survey or data collection activity.

Synthosys designs an information based needs framework as a component of a research that can be used for the development of a survey or data collection activity. Synthosys uses any number of tools that are designed to simplify the process of identifying, accessing and presenting key information that can then be put into an analytic framework.

Synthosys is able to map and extract and the desired data, and provide it as a one-time feed to be used for analytic purposes, or  map and design a feed process that could be linked to other systems.

Once the data has been acquired, tested, assimilated and analyzed, Synthosys resulting data analyses can be codified as a study, report or other data analysis as directed by the client.

Often the data which is collected and analyzed through one or more data collection processes provides interesting insights to the data that may be useful to have as a one time or ongoing basis for use in decision support activities of management. The assimilation of the data and presentation in a form that has greater visual impact can be more effective in demonstrating the findings; whether through trending or visually demonstrating the results of actions, past and present, as well as forecast what might result perhaps if no actions are taken.

Synthosys is skilled at building interactive, rapid prototyping systems which can form the basis of an initial complex prototype; morphing perhaps into standalone system which builds and grows, or facilitates the mapping of the process by which analytic processes and data can feed other existing enterprise decision support systems.  This process is an inexpensive way to identify emerging trends and provide input into larger scale vision and mapping of where actions are or not aligned with strategic goals.

Several examples of this work produced by Synthosys can be found in our Experience section.