Synthosys has led several development efforts building high profile U.S. federal agency prototype platforms from which to view U.S. science and technology investments. For this project the Synthosys team used publicly available data sources to develop the R&D Dashboard beta website, which provides a look at U.S. Federal Investments in R&D from two agencies over a decade—the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Science Foundation (NSF)—from 2000 to 2009.

The R&D Dashboard presents data on Federal R&D awards to research institutions and links those inputs to outputs—specifically publications, patent applications, and patents produced by researchers funded by those investments. The site can sort investments at the state, congressional district, and research-institution levels.

The system as designed by Synthosys allows one to see the answers to all sorts of questions: Which institutions in my state are performing Federally funded research? In what fields of science does my community excel? Are companies or universities in my community taking advantage of federally funded research to apply for patents to build new companies? Where are the ‘hot spots’ for robotics, for example, or optical lasers, or advanced textiles resulting from federally funded research? How are Federal research grants contributing to the scientific literature in my field of science?

The R&D Dashboard, by linking Federal R&D investments to outputs and linking both to specific places in the United States, enables the audience to see the answers to questions that are relevant to the user by geographic, time or subject matter.

RD Dashboard